GF3 TI200 VS. GF4 TI4200

I am currently looking for a new video card to replace a dissapointing Radeon 7500(ati drivers are crap). I have my eye on these 2 cards.

Geforce 3 TI200 128MB

Geforce 4 TI4200 64MB

The GF3 is $30 less. What's the difference between these two cards? Any ideas which one to get? I play games a bit but not a whole lot, but I want something decent.

Thanks for the info!
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  1. For $30 get the Gforce 4 Ti4200. It is much much better and you can overclock it to get near Ti4600 performance.

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  2. Even though the GF3 is 128MB compared to the GF4's 64MB?
  3. Yes, the Ti4200 is still way faster ! And if you are not totally burned out on ATI (although it sounds like you are) then the Radeon 8500Le can be had for around $86 incl. shipping. Everyone says the latest drivers are now good and the card is awesome for the price. I have a Ti4200 and it's better than the Redeon but costs more..........Anyhow, check out all of them at As for sellers, have a great reputation for being friendly & helpful. I bought my latest one from Nu-Trend and they were great, too.
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