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Hi guys. So, it looks like I messed up my windows registry somehow and now my computer runs really slow and after awhile it freezes. When I try to open up some programs, there is an error messaging saying "Insufficient Memory", meaning something or some program is using up my damn Ram.

So, I booted from my Windows XP Cd and I chose the Repair option and it is asking my for my Administrator's Password. I dont have a password on my profile in XP, so I am guessing this is a default option. I try just pressing 'Enter', but it justs exits out to DOS. Help.

My question is: Does anyone know what the Administrator's password is for the Windows Recovery/Repair Console?


I dont use anything to log into Windows. If I leave it blank, then it just exits out of the recovery console and goes to DOS. I can't even defrag because the computer runs so slow, it will take about 5 minutes to open it and by the time it opens it will either read an error or freeze and the computer will restart by itself because there is no more memory available. I dont really think its a program, I think I messed something in the registry by installing a wrong driver.

I am pretty sure there is a default password for windows repair console. Sometimes its "password" or "admin", but I cant seem to find it. I used to have a password on my administrator profile, but that didnt work either. I could reformat, but there are some files that I desperatly need, and I know that repair will fix the registry.

If I reinstall windows without formatting, will I lose my personal documents?
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  1. OK first of all Remember This, You're safe as long as you don't actually format the drive!

    Boot from the Installation CD.

    When you get to the recovery option don't take it.

    Continue like you're installing XP from scratch, at the bottom of the screen you'll see it loading the files for the installation of XP, then it will take you to a second option screen, telling you: Windows has found an existing partition with an Operating system already installed> Giving you some choices one of them being to repair the existing operating system, Choose Repair the existing operating system, it will seem like Windows is installing from scratch, but when it completely finishes, all your files will still be there.

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