Poor Gaming Performance

I got a new computer about a week ago, and these are the specs...

Athlon XP 2100
Pixelview NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 64mb
HB-GA-7DXE GiGabyte BIOS DDR Motherboard
256mb DDR ram

And as you guessed i'm not have to great gaming performace. Its kinda odd to me really, I have many games installed... some run beautifully, some run very poorly. I have games such as Quake 3, UT2002, Mafia, they run very smoothly. Then I have Neverwinter Nights, Dungeon Seige and Warcraft 3, all 3 of those games have quite bad performance. I get high FPS in all of them but its like they always run in like slow motion. For example I was just playing Dungeon Seige earlier. It said I was getting like 90+ FPS but at the same time it was basicly running like its in slow motion. I think lowering the settings is a obvious solution but I tried that and has no effect. Im mafia I have the settings nearly maxxed and thats the highest system req. game that I have and it runs great. NWN, DS, and WC3 all have lower system requirements and run terribly. Those games ran better on my old computer that was a P3 450mhz gf2 420mx 64mb. Now I got the latest drivers from nvidia.com and I just went to http://www.prolink.com.tw (makers of my graphics card) and DLed the latest drivers from them. I dled the 2000/xp driver and I get a warning when I try to install it that says it has not passed the windows logo testing to verify its compatability with win xp. I upgraded to win xp with this new computer... maybe win xp is the problem?? Plz help
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  1. reinstall the drivers even tho it says its not signed, shouldnt matter
    i think you should get nvidia's 40.41 drivers tho, at nvidia.com

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  2. ok I dl'ed those drivers, my performace still sux, still get that warning about its compatibility
  3. so i guess no ones ever heard of something like this or has any solutions?
  4. I have a Asus TI 4200 64 megs. i tried 1024x768 FFA 2 and the other features in aquanox, it made the game choppy. 1024x768 w/o the features, it ran smoothly.

    On AoE2: the age of kings. after awhile the screen blacks out and crashers or computer freezes.

    I have not found the solution.. I am wondering, does your graphic's card have a heat sink on your ram?
  5. hm not sure, this is the card i have- http://www.prolink.com.tw/new_web/products/vga/g4/GeForce4 ti 4200.htm
  6. Detonator 40.71 already on Nvidia website...
  7. Sounds to me like an AGP problem. Try reinstalling the motherboard manufactuer's AGP driver, and check your BIOS to ensure you're set to 4x AGP and sidebanding/fastwrites are enabled. Check that the "VGA BIOS" is set to AGP mode.

  8. I was just thinking ... didn't XP and 2K have some sort of weird 60Hz refresh rate problem? Maybe the cards are trying to refresh faster but the OS is limiting the transfer? **really big shrug** It doens't sound right to me either, but I'm stumped already. Heh heh.

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  9. Detonator 40.71 has the refresh rate overide which works for my GF3 Ti500 in winXP...
  10. i just played the sims alittle bit and the game surprisingly lagged alittle bit. Mainly at certain parts, like when burglar game to my house at night i got like less then 1fps, more like 1 frame per 3 seconds. Thats pathetic, of all games The Sims doesnt even run to smoothly somethings even more wrong then I though =\
  11. Well i fixed my problm, it was win xp, I reformatted and put win 98 back on here and seems to be working good now. But now i have another problem, not as bad but still kinda annoying. I play Quake2/Quake3 and when i move I get like a shakeyness effect when I move and look around. Its kinda annoying, anyone know whats with that?
  12. and they say XP is just as good for playing games on as 98... aye right... ;-)

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  13. i've never had a problem. Althought my video card (AIW radeon (the time where their were NO numbers after it) I think this is simple user error. I bet he/she left on the old drivers from his old card or didn't properly configer the card. Probably had 4xFSAA enabled.

    If he would have uninstalled the old drivers (by installing standard svga drivers) and then isntalled nvidia's newer drivers. He probably would have had it working.

    of course thats all good in theory.

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