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Hello Guys,
I got myself the new Radeon 9700 pro and set it up on my asus board. i connectet the electricity cables to my hard disk and the power supply thingy. but everytime i start a 3d application my pc crashes or reboots. i have win2k 2.4 ghz p4 and the newest asus board. i would be glad if you guys could help me please thank you :)
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  1. What card did you have before? Did you reformat after installing the ATI card?

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  2. well i got the radeon with my p4 and my new mainboard with some memory. i reinstalled win2k after that.
  3. So it might be your new board, mem, or CPU then...

    Sorry, im not very good at p4 systems

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  4. i dont think so cause i all upadetet them and both are brand new products
  5. can you try the 9700 in another system or try a diff gfx card in your current system ???

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  6. HI
    what watt is your power supply?
    u need atleast 450 to run a p4 with a radeon 9700 pro

    if there is not enough power going to the card/mem/or p4 your system will freeze or reboot. lack of power is kinda like hitting the restart button. if it was a driver issue you pc would not reboot.

  7. Try setting your AGP slot to 4X instead of 8X in the BIOS, I heard of problems with some motherboards in 8X mode.
    Just an idea, heard of the same symptoms fixed this way.
  8. Recently put together a computer.
    -XP Pro
    -Pentium P4 2.53GHz
    -Gigabyte GA-81GX 845G chipset MB
    -1024MB Corsair PC2700 333 DDRAM cas2
    -ATI 9700 Pro 128MB AGP Video
    -SB Audigy Platinum (changed to Turtle Beach Santa Cruz because of Audigy Squeal of death problems)
    -HP 200i DVD+RW, DVD+R, CDRW, CDR 2.4/2.4/8 12/10/32
    -Western Digital 1200JB 120GB HD
    -Cooler Master ATC-201SX Aluminum Case
    _Antec Truepower 550W PS

    Well the computer did not seem very stable, crashing to desktop after 5-20 minutes of play in the few games I installed, Mafia, Divine Divinity, and Icewind Dale 2. Well this seemed to be a video card problem to me. Knowing that the 9700 Pro was power hungry. I discarded the power cable that comes with the 9700, and plugged in the small power cable from the power supply, usually used for floppy drives.I also went into my computer bios, in the power settings, and boosted the AGP Voltage by 0.1V. Well this got rid of all instability. Was able to play one of the games for 5 hours last night, with no problems. Computer has not crashed once, since these changes. I would suggest you make sure your 9700, is being provided with clean and adequate power. The card seems to be sensitive to any dips in voltage. Now if I could get my Audigy working I'd be happy. ..Dave

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