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I have recently bought a new system and I am dual booting XP and 2000. However I am having trouble with my LeadTech GeForce 4 Ti4600 vivo card in XP. I can't play games like MOHAA and Return to Wolfenstein because I get an OpenGL error.

Whenever I install the driver off the installation cd I go through the installation process and then at the end where I should be pressing 'Ok' to restart I get a "data is invalid" error message. The same happens when I download the latest drivers off Nvidia for my graphics card. Obviously the card is working because I wouldn't be able to see anything it's just I can't use all the features.

Also when I go into Device Manager (in XP) and I unistall the card it goes straight to the 'Unknown Device' heading.

So, I am having to play the games in Windows 2000 which is ok. It's just that I thought XP is meant to be an unreal gaming platform and here I am using a business platform to play games...

Any suggestions?

Do I need to provide any other specs/information?

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  1. download the latest driver for your video card from nvidia.com 2 see if it fixes the problem and also install the latest directX 8.1
  2. So your saying the card is working fine in 2000 for all games but won't install the drivers properly in XP? Am i understanding that right?

    That would be incredibly fishy...

    Do NOT install DX 8.1 in windows xp, windows xp INCLUDES DX8.1 BUILT IN already, until DX9 comes out there's no need to ever install DX in XP.

    grab the version 30.30 drivers off www.guru3d.com and try them, they seem to be the best out for me right now. The 40.xx beta drivers have some problems.

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  3. Windows XP is still not recognising that my graphics card is a LeadTek Geforce 4 46000 Ti. I don't know what I can do next.

    I have installed the latest drivers from www.nvidia.com and leadtek's website. I have also tried the nvidia 30.40 download off www.guru3d.com and I always get the same result - 'data is invalid' - at the end of the installation. What can I do next?

    I am distraught.
    Thank You
  4. If you had read the post you would have seen he already tried downloading the card drivers...

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  5. It's ok, I just reinstalled the drivers off the packaged cd and now it works. Uncanny...
  6. Not sure if we have the same issue here but may be related. Could not play CounterStrike in openGL video mode after installing SP1 on my WIN XP PRO machine. Uses a LeadTek G3 TI-200, 64 Mb. You could get into the menus of CS but when you tried to join a server it gave the error. I then loaded the new video adapter driver from the Leadtek website and it is back working. FYI for anyone else.
  7. I can't be certain that it is related but when I first installed XP and before I tried to upgrade the graphics drivers I wanted to surf the net for a while and I had to install SP1 to have the java console's working....

    So it could be very related but I can't tell because I didn't try before I installed SP1.

    Interesting that someone had a similar problem though...
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