Low 3dMark scores?

When I ran the 3dMark2001 benchmark program, my score ended up only being 2239. I am 99% sure it is due to my video card but want to make sure before I buy a new one.

My system:

P4@2.0 Ghz
256 Mb PC2100 DDR Ram
Windows XP
ATI Radeon 7000 64 Mb DDR

Not sure if you'll need any other info but if you do let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I think you should check your computer configuration. My old computer (piii 933, geforce 256 32mb, 256mb sdram) got about 2300.

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  2. I'd say that the video card is almost certainly the reason. One of the good things about 3d mark is the ability to save the score on the Madonion website, then compare your score to other people with slightly (or very) different computer configurations.
    I've just had a quick look and found the following scores for a P4 of around 2 Ghz.
    A Radeon VE gets around 2000 to 3000 points
    A Radeon 7500 gets 5500 to 6500 though, i cant remember the difference between the cards.
    Hope that helps.

    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=19557" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=19557</A>
  3. I doubt the video card is the reason, even a regular radeon gets in the 3000s on a athlon xp 2000 setup(look at thgs video card comparision). Theres no way a radeon 7000 is slower than the original radeon.

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  4. Something is misconfigured. Radeon 7000 is by no means a great card but should score at LEAST 4000 to 5000.


    -Check your AGP settings to make sure all features are enabled (that are supported)
    -Reinstall AGP drivers
    -Reinstall DX
    -Reinstall Video drivers
    -Make sure you don't have any programs running in the background while you run 3dmark

  5. Radeon 7000 is basically the same as the old Radeon VE. It uses DDR but with a 64-bit memory interface which means it's slow. You might hit 3000 if you overclock.

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  6. I'm thinking it's the video card and am planning on getting a new one. I'm probably just gonna start saving and get myself a Radeon 9700. This is the card that came with my parents PC, I never would have bought it. To Col Kiwi, I am fairly sure this is a PCI card.
  7. Ah. If it is in fact a PCI card, plus Radeon7000 uses 64bit memory as someone said (I thought it had the good 128 bit stuff, must have confused with 7500), those two factors would mean ~2500 is what you could expect.

    New card would be a good idea; I'd reccomend reading the dozens of threads on this board about which to choose, there are good reasons for several different choices.

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