Recording 8MM film to DVD

My father-in-law is wanting to record his old 8mm camcorder films and/or VHS tapes onto DVD.

What software/hardware is he going to require?? I know he will need a good quality VIVO card? Any suggestions?? What about audio? Will a SBLive 5.1 work? Or will he need a special audio capture card as well? Also, are there any special adaptors required?? What software is best?

I have no idea what is required as I have never looked into this, and he know less than I do :smile:

Any help would be great. Thanks.

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  1. I don't know if there's a way to capture 8 mm film and transfer it to the hard drive. I would say your chances are pretty slim there. As for vhs tapes, that's no problem.What you need is a capture device. There are several available such as Radeon AIW, Dazzle, 321 Studios pinnacle etc. Basically you need a physical link to get the data into your hard drive. Once there you can use a variety of programs to change it to mpeg format. My fav is TMPGenic DVD author but there are several out there.

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  2. I've just seen a quick demonstration of one way to do this.

    Basically, just project the movie onto a screen and record it with a mini-DV video camera. The DV is then converted to DVD through normal video editing capture and conversion on the computer. There are limitations, and some recommended settings, etc. but I can't recall the details. The frame rates don't match, but with the right exposure and shutter settings, it's quite viewable.

    Certainly there are more sophisticated, higher quality methods. There is an interesting link discussing commercial conversion options here: <A HREF=",8397419~mode=flat" target="_new">,8397419~mode=flat</A>

    When I finally break down and get my DVD burner, I'll try some of this out with the old family heirloom films.

  3. Just plug the camera into the video input on the PC and play the tape. Then just capture it like you would a TV show. The 8mm camera has vid out right? Any ATI all in wonder can do this with the included software or go buy a TV reciever for yer PC.

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  4. squirrels...

    You are of course correct if we're talking 8mm video TAPE here. There are also other direct electrical transfers possible if it's 8mm video tape.

    I assumed from the title that the question refered to 8mm movie film though the words "8mm camcorder film" in the body are confusing when I read it again.

  5. super 8, 8mm, and 16 mm can all be transfered. It just takes more steps. For the home person it involves using a video camera to film the projected movie ( small on clear white board) It is better if you can slow the projecter to 15 fps instead of 18. It will get rid of the flicker. Or use a professional transfer place. Nunchal

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