Fans stay on after i put my computer to sleep

After I put my computer to sleep, my cpu fan turns off, but my case fans stay on. I have a cooler master scout case, and a msi ka780g motherboard. Can someone give me an idea of how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
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  1. look at your motherboard manual, and find the 5VSB, change the jumpers on that.
    So that the fans dont get power during sleep.
  2. Also, check your BIOS for an option that mentions S3 standby/sleep or "STR" (suspend to RAM) and enable it. It kind of sounds like you are using S1 standby which makes your system appear off, but keeps power to the fans. S3 sleep suspends to RAM and shuts off all fans.
  3. thanks rwp! you have no idea how long i've tried to fix this problem lol. you are a life saver =)
  4. Can you explan how you can set it to 5vsb??
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