Will 4x agp card work on a mobo with max. 2x agp

I want to upgrade a friend's FIC 503+ motherboard, which has a maximum of 2x agp, with a nvidia 4x agp 32mb video card; that I have (we are trying to improve performance for game graphics one step at a time ...mobo and processer will come as finances permit)...can someone tell me if this will work. Thankyou frew of stew

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  1. Yes. all nVidia AGP4x cards all the way up to GeForce4 are all backwards compatible with AGP2x, they just reccomend AGP4x. However, it must be an AGP2.0 slot. If its AGP1.0 w/2x I'm not sure it'll work.

  2. Excellent.........my friends can't get good graphics for a lot of their games...they have a 16mb pine tnt2 card (was cheap at the time...a starter kit). I am hoping this upgrade will solve a significant amount of their graphics problems; for the time being. Thank You for your speedy reply. frew of stew
  3. Had a Geforce256, Geforce 2 GTS-V, and a Radeon 8500, all 4X cards, on my old FIC 503+ at one time or another. They all had about the same performance when paired with a K6-2 @ 400mhz. I couldn't get more than 25-27 fps in Quake3. The Radeon 8500 has more features of course but it still only scored 1500 3DMarks.

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  4. Phsstpok, They are running a amd 500...will this move help them to at least not crash in games such as 7th guest(yucky game). I am not sure yet what the numbers mean. Are you saying that they won't have some improvement? Thanks, frew of stew P.S. All other help welcomed and appreciated.

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  5. K6-2 500 is better than what I am using.

    I don't recall having any problems with 7th Guest even with a K6 166 but it's been years since I played that game. That's a 2-dimensional game and I don't recall any performance issues or problems. A new video card won't significantly speed up a 2-D game.

    In 3-D, I could be wrong, but I don't imagine there would be much advantage over a standard TNT2 or a TNT2 Ultra. However, if the current card is a TNT2 M64 then an upgrade might help. The TNT2 M64 was very slow.

    For FIC 503+ stability I recommend downloading VIA's 4-in-1 drivers. Version 4.29 and 4.31 seem to work best for me. I didn't find any advantage beyond these versions for the 503+. In fact, I tried 4.40 and for some reason AGP would not even activate so I went back to 4.31. Run the installer once and select the uninstall options to remove the old drivers. This will allow a "clean" install. Run the installer a second time to load the new drivers. Don't forget to enable the Turbo Mode option for the AGP which will allow AGP to operate at 2X (on the 503+ 2X is maximum) or 4X for boards that support AGP 4X.

    Get the drivers at link below.

    <A HREF="http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2" target="_new">http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2</A>

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  6. Thank You for your time...I will print this information and give it a try......hope to try it this week.....will get back on this board...maybe in new thread if i can't find this one.....thanks again. P.S....you might be right on the version of the current card.......anyway I will try the geforce2 mx200 32mb card...along with other upgrade information you offered.

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  7. lol, that gf2 mx200 wont show that much improvement over a tnt2! If your want your comp to be able to play semi-modern games and you are thinking of upgrading soon I would reccomend getting a better card than that, atleast a gf2 gts.

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  8. Thanx for your input, but this is an attempt at a cheap upgrade for a friend in need(friend has terrible problem with graphic glitches; in older games...this fix is not meant for quake or battlefield 1942)......mother board and processer will follow as friends pocketbook permits.....just trying to get them to play a graphic game any game will do for now.....friend is just moving beyond internet introduction and chat...just starting to wonder what this computer gaming stuff is about.......Thankfully, I am in much better shape, and can understand your humor.
  9. If you want any kind of 3-D games then stay away from the MX-200.

    Try the drivers. If they fix the problem then the present card should be adequate for 2-D games like 7th Guest.

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  10. Will do. I really appreciate your helping in this matter...thank you so much for you time...if any of this works...I will certainly show this thread to my friend who will also appreciate the time you took....frew of stew
  11. It might be just me but I've found it easier to get ATI video cards to run stable on the 503+. I've only used an All-in-Wonder and a Radeon 8500 (for a very short time) on this board but installation seemed painless. (Well, that's not quite true. I needed the latest 8500 drivers but that's a different issue).

    nVidia cards seem to take a little more effort to get stability on the 503+. A big 300 watt ATX power supply helps a lot. In fact, power supply issues could be the problem with your friend's TNT2 and the 503+.

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  12. The problem with the 503+ isn't the AGP standard it uses, but power. AT power supplies that are normally used on these boards don't have a 3.3v line, and the 5v to 3.3v converter built into the board can't provide enough power for many newer cards. I've found that the TNT2 Ultra wouldn't work, while the GeForce2 MX would, because it draws less power. The Radeon DDR also works. Using an ATX power supply often helps, because it has a 3.3v line and doesn't rely on the board's voltage controller to knock down from 5v to 3.3v.

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  13. The actual card I was thinking of using is the GF2 MX DH Pro. Would this card be in line with the gf2 mx you say takes less power. Also, if I remember correctly...the board can be powered by both AT and ATX lines. I believe it might already be hooked up ATX...but not certain. P.S. Crashman, will you view and comment on my other thread concerning gf4 ti4200 64mb vs 128mb....I am interested in crisp grapics as well as speed...I am a heavy gamer...and the graphics mean a lot but I might need the speed as well, for the games I play...which why would you suggest to go.
    Thank You, frew of stew
  14. I'm not exactly sure which cards have what power requirements, but I've tested the original MX on that board with an AT power supply. You'll probably be fine with that new card on an ATX power supply.

    The 4200 is a nice card also, not sure what system you're putting it on though. Probably too much power draw for the old 503+

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  15. The ti4200 is going on a FIC AD11 with amd 761 chipset and 266ddr...currently board has 1.4g athlon(can upgrade to approx. 2000 or 2100 if i am not mistaken)....the power supply is 300....will be replacing gf2 mx400 64mb sdram memory. Thanks for input.......frew
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