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I have a computer running 98se (sp1 i think) and i never performed a windows update - never had to since everything works fine.
My question is: Since i am using a firewall is there any real use of the updates that are present on the ms site that deal with security issues? I mean, i use the firewall and i have it set up the way i want it, do i need any of those security updates for windows??
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  1. If it aint broke, don't fix it. I'm running 98 too and that's my motto.

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  2. Yes, you need those updates. Your firewall open certain ports to make your SW work. These ports are used to exploit certain faults in the SW. Your firewall won't protect you from that, since it already allows any access for whatever programs or ports you have specified.

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  3. Ditto!

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  4. Would that be true even if the few applications that access the net are monitored (and need authorisation by me to interact through the firewall) and the firewall is set to ask for my permission everytime incoming data occur?
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