How can I save one file in multiple folders


Many times I save one file or word document or a web page in 2 to 5 different folders. Right now I do it by opening each folder separately and using save as dialog box. But this is redundant and takes up a lot of time.

I would like to know if there is a short cut to this cumbersome process. I am using Win XP (Home) as my OS.

Really would appreciate any help.

Thank You
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  1. Why in heavens name do you wan't to save a document in more than one place? This IS a waste of time. I don't know of any SW that can help.
    If you are concerned about data security, I suggest you start by looking after some proper backup software.
    Save your documents in 'My documents' or wherever you prefer and backup that folder.

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  3. Why not copy it to the clip board and then just paste it to where ever you want. Also you can copy and paste it to a formatted cd/rw, or add your burner drive to your send to menu and send it there that way..........Vista

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  4. AY? I don't think I know that variant.

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  6. I'm also trying to do so. Now there are at least two people want to place one file into multiple directories, which means store it actually once but you can see it in several directores. This will be good for some actual tasks. We do not need to care about keeping copys of one file in each directories synchorined.

    Some people may get into several projects and have several roles. If someone want to see what document work they have done in the past year across all projects he engaged in, or just want to know how many creativities he has contributed to all projects, this will be hard in tradition file system.

    If one file can be placed into multiple directories without storing multiple copys, the above problem will be easy.
    In such a case, meeting_report.txt can be place at directories such as ActivitiesOf2009, Documents, Creativities, ProjectA, MaterialForBookTranscript. Thus, if the owner of these files want to know what he has down in the past year, he just need to go to the directory organised by time. If he want to finish writing his book he just need to go to directory specially organised for book writing. If he just need all the files for one on going project, entering the project directory is ok.

    The function to store one file into multiple directories is useful. And of coure it can be done. We can place all the file into a database with multiple fields to describe the attributes of the files. Then we can develop a client which can make manage the file easy. Just as easy as windows explorer.

    Whoever want to do so can contact me, may be we can develop it together.
    Or if you know that there is already such a tool, please notice me. Thank you!
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  8. I work at a school where the students have thier own folders, sometimes we want a document copied into each of thier folders so that it is already saved for them.
    Coping the document once into multiple folders would really be a time saver.
    Any ideas intsead of nasty comments.
  9. I also am looking for a answer to this issue.
  10. Download robocopy and use it to copy files to other folders. For xp, you need to get robocopy from the windows server 2003 resource toolkit.
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