AMD64 vs. pentium 4

If you had to decide between two almost identical laptops (including price) with only one variable: the processor, which one would you choose: the one with a AMD 64 3000+ 1.8GHz processor, or the one with a Pentium 4 2.8GHz?

Besides that, the only other variable is that the laptop with the AMD processor has a GeForce 4 440 Go with 64Mb of dedicated memory, and the one with the Pentium has an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP with variable shared memory (up to 64mb, I believe).

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  1. Situation 1: I'd choose the A64 (no doubt whatsoever)
    Situation 2: The Mobility Radeon 9000 is far superior to the GF4Go 440, but as it is integrated, I'm skeptical as to it's performance. I, personally, would go for neither, but if I was pushed, I'd choose the A64.


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