Win7 cant boot with more than 1 sata hdd connected

cant boot win 7 when i have all my sata hdd plugged in. wen only the main drive (1tb wd hdd) is plugged in it boots fine.

its a clean install on a brand new drive. motherboard is flashed to latest bios. installed with 2 diff builds of win 7 jz to check its not the build but the same issue persists ... no error codes .. no bsod....

AMD x3 955 black edition
asus striker 2
4gb corsair ram
asus 250gts 1gb
4 x 1tb wd green hdd

if anyone has any ideas it would b much appreciated.

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  1. check your boot priority
  2. there's a little stupid setting in some mobos that adjusts which sata is on which channel..
    play around with the disks,change their sata connectors on board,

    plus,explain the problom a little toroughly.. what do you mean it wont boot?have you tried changeing the HDD boot sequence..
  3. boot priority is set correctly ....

    it wont load windows to be exact ... it gets to the loading screen and hangs ......

    the drives have been swapped around ... changed cables... changed ports ....

    all drives are detected in the bios.

    i hope thats enough details.
  4. oh, that is a different story. Be sure your storage manager is set correctly, to sata drives and not raid or ide. Have you ran any test on the second drive?
  5. With all drives in, try to use the windows repair. Maybe there is something strange going on with the windows loader.

    I know I ran Windows with 6 Sata(3 in raid, one for windows and 2 for data) drives and no issue.

    My win7 drive was unbootable. My vista drive had to boot it. I guess it saw it during install and added then entry to that drives boot manager. Maybe there is something on the other drives causing this issue.
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