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So I bought a retail box of Windows 7 a while back. I reformat and do a clean installation of Win 7 every six months or so. My question is if I take advantage of the 40$ upgrade, how will I do a clean installation of Win 8 every six months? Would I have to install Win 7 with my box cds then download Win 8 again or how does this work?
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  1. My first question would be: Why? Do you find it necessary or is this a case of just doing something out of habit? Most of my PC's tend to run for years without requiring a format.

    Anyhow, Windows 8 actually has the option built-in to refresh the PC back to "factory default" settings. It can even reload the system/kernel of the OS without removing your installed applications. Whether you will be able to do this using upgrade media, I don't know.
  2. I don't like it when my system starts to slow down.

    I defrag.
    Clean out registry.
    Keep Windows up to date.
    Keep Antivirus up to date
    Update and scan with Malwarebytes everyday.
    I don't go to malicious sites (I have internet common sense).
    I clean out temp files and run CCleaner everyday.

    Windows STILL slows down. If it wasn't for gaming I would ditch this overpriced OS. Its ridiculous paying 200$ for software that just slows down for no reason after a certain amount of time. But I'm not here to bash Windows.

    This will be my first Windows upgrade and I wanted to do a clean install and be able to clean install every six months or so. Hopefully my Win7 box key becomes my Win 8 activation key.
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