via 694X with GF4mx440

Did anyone have boot problem using via 694X with GF4mx440 (winfast A170TH 64Mddr) with 2themax 3VCA MB.
When i boot my pc, nothing happen and hang...
i need to press reset to boot.

another question:
anyone agree that intel i815 work fine with GF4mx440?
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  1. That's exatly my problem. I have Asus P3V4X (694X) mobo + GF2 GTS and when I turn the comp on I hear one long beep followed by three short beeps than I press reset and it is normal again. I read in Geforce FAQ that my mobo doesn't boot w/ GF 256 and up. Abit VIA Apollo Pro 133A owners have this problems too. In my case this happens because the mobo doesn't supply enough current to AGP slot (GeForce 2 draws 3A from the 3.3V rail).

    Now I have to use the Diamond Viper II and I can't play games w/ this @#!^&%$*(!

    See if it can help:
    GF FAQ: <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>
    Hardware mod to make my mobo work w/ gf: <A HREF="http:// " target="_new">http:// </A>

    >>>See an old post I've posted about my problem at mobo section. If u find it.
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