Adding new PSU or cooling to increase performance?


I have a 300 watt PS in my p4 2.0ghz sony vaio with a radeon 9700 pro. I'd like to increase my performance for gaming, will adding a new cooling system or larger PS help noticeably? What are other ways to improve performance without overclocking?
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  1. no that will not increase performance
  2. Getting a larger PSU will increase stability, not performance.

    And having a P4 2.0ghz/9700 Pro, I don't know how much more performance you can get. You should be getting kick ass performance right now.

    How much RAM do you have? 256/512?

    Make sure you have all the latest/stable drivers.
  3. How much does the RAM affect "real-life" performance?
    I know it helps with things like loading times in games, but should I be worried having 256 MB DDR with a Radeon 9700Pro.

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  4. How is your performance? That's the best gauge if you need more RAM or not.

    Some games use up RAM more than others. I remember when I upgraded from 256 to 512, I noticed better performance from an overall standpoint. I don't know how much doubling your RAM will help with the framerate, but it sure as hell can't hurt.

    You will notice a performance boost though. Loading, menu transition, whatever it may be.
  5. That would suck, getting more RAM and then loosing 20 fps :)
    I remember how loading times in games like Hitman decreased noticeably when going from 64MB to 128 MB.

    Right now my current vid-card is the problem, I´m pondering if I should wait for the NV30 while trying to sell my old components or just get the 9700 now. I was wondering if I would loose a lot of performance using a 9700Pro with "only" 256 MB of RAM. I´m running 98SE (thank God, XP is bloated).

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  6. Oh, I misunderstood you. I thought you were already running a 9700Pro.

    I'm not too sure how the 9700 handles 256mb. If you do get a 9700, the performance loss not having 512mb would be negligable.

    I don't know what your setup is, but my advice would be to purchase small and wait for the NV30(too many bugs in the 9700). That's what I'm doing. I just got a Ti4200 and I'm lovin' it. You don't need much more than that. Plus you can find a good one for $120. So for me, I'll wait till the NV30 has been on the market a little while, so I can get it at a decent price. I wanna have it for Doom 3, Black and White 2, etc.

    Or you can get a 9700 cheap when the NV30 comes out and I'm sure they will have all the bugs hammered out by then.

    What video card you get depends alot on your other components. What do ya got?
  7. Ah yes, the endless (until next month) debate 9700 vs. NV30.

    Some people are saying the same about the NV30, that it will probably have defects at first. But yes, I´m considering waiting for NV30.

    Why do you think that it will be so much faster then the 9700? Won´t the Radeon be enough for Doom 3 and other next-gen games? Alot of people are claiming they doubt NVidia will have a significantly better card, that all the new features that for ex. DX9 needs are already in the 9700, that NV30 won´t bring too much new stuff to the game.
    People have also said that the new manufacturing process (0.13 microns, or what it´s called) won´t be enough to produce more performance.

    Besides, I don´t want to have to upgrade my CPU along with a new GC. That is if the NV30 is alot faster then the 9700Pro. I have a Athlon XP 1800+.

    And then the issue of time, NV30 will be introduced in the middle of next month, but if the rumours about manufacturing problems are true, it could take awhile before we have one in our own machines. Even if not, it will be atleast a month before the NV30 ships. I don´t want to wait with my upgrade, I have a TNT2 m64 which does about 700 3D Marks at best with default settings. So basicly anything I upgrade to will give me quite the boost. But it would be nice to have the best card availeble.

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  8. I have the 9700 PRO installed with the most recent catalyst 2.3 drivers, but I feel like my performance is low. I notice on Mad Onion that my benchmark score for system seems well below average, particularly the FPS on the car game.... I have 512MB of PC100 DDR RAM already, will more RAM help?
  9. My stats:

    Windows XP

    ASUS P4S266VX

    4x AGP rate

    P4 2.018

    100 FSB

    512MB RAM

    9700 PRO with drivers

    3DMark: 11,329
    153.4 FPS in car game low detail
    57 fps in lobby, high detail.

    car game high detail: 44.6 fps, with some choppiness when viewing.
  10. 512mb ram is about all you need. Doubling that won't help much.

    You've got a pretty nice system and your scores don't seem too bad.

    When you installed your 9700, did you uninstall your old VGA drivers? Not doing this can actually lose you quite a bit of performance. Other than that I'm not sure. Just keep checking ATI for new drivers because they are still working out alot of bugs.
  11. IMHO, I don't think the NV30 is gonna be "that" much faster than the 9700. It will be faster, but not the gap like what the 9700 has over the Ti4600.

    There is no question the 9700 will be plenty enough for next gen games, Doom 3 etc. As a matter of fact, when Doom 3 was previewed over the summer, they used a 9700 to demo it because it was the only card to show off full detail at high resolution.

    Now I also don't doubt that Nvidia will come out with some new texture processing technology which will significantly increase performance. Plus I feel there won't be as many initial bugs in the NV30(fingers crossed).

    Your 1800+ will be enough although you will start to bottleneck your new card as that's probably about the mininum or close to it.

    My opinion for seem to want the best card out there. It's the 9700 and will be for the next 2 months or however long. If you've got the cash to spend($300+), then I say get the 9700. I would if I had the money. But I'm broke as s%*t, so I went with the Ti4200.

    I can guarantee you will be amazed. And with it being DX9 compatible, it will last you quite a while.
  12. I cant remove the old drivers, because if I click "disable" on my old SIS650 integrated graphics chip, it shuts off the Radeon and DirectX!
  13. The XP1800 looses about 30-50 fps in modern games (not Quake3) compared with a P4 2.53, which shouldn´t be a problem when you´re running the game at 60+ fps.

    Sure, it´s a bit of a bottleneck, but the Radeon 9700 with a new PSU will cash me out for awhile. And there isn´t really a point upgrading from a 1800 to a Xp2200, the performance-increase won´t be that amazing. The 2600 is another story, but currently it´s way to expensive.

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