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Im not sure if this is the right place to put this but anyways. if mods see a more appropriate place to put this, please do.
I saw a few weeks ago an article with a benchmark tool roundup i think it was. i cannot seem to find it with search. if any1 knows which article this was and could point me in the right direction that would be much appriciated.
just as good would be cpu/gpu/harddrive benchmark tools, as i recently got a new computer and want to make sure its running as best as i can make it :).
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  1. The ultimate test of the CPU, memory and hardware is prime95. read instruction carefully. Its a search for a prime number that maxs out you cpu, memory and hardware. you can run a stress test and you can assist them in their search for prime numbers. The whole business is described in wiki-pedia, read the article "prime95". Others I know of are 3dMark, Everest and CPUID HW for monitoring.

    I would like to read the article you mentioned also. What I did is observe the programs that the utube teck people and oc'ers cite
  2. 3DMark for game performance, PCMark for general PC performance.

    Also Sandra works pretty well.

    Prime95 is more of a stress tool than a benchmarking one, you would run Prime95 to heat up your CPU and test RAM to make sure there are no issues with the build.
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