Low 3dmark with ti4200

Why am I getting crappy 3dmarks on my ti4200? My score is 6800!

OK, I have a AD11 motherboard from FIC, 512 2100 DDR, a ti4200 128mb, and a 1600+ AMD. I have updated all of my drivers in Windows 98 SE. I am using DirectX 8.1b. I have the most recent bios. I have virtually nothing running on my system but the bare essentials ( systray ... ), and the 98 is a fresh install. The only thing not up to snuff is the updates on 98 ( I have a dial up, and I havn't got them all yet ). My brother-in-law has a almost identical system with EXACT same card as me, and he is marking in the uper 8000's like everyone else. My BIOS has the AGP set to 4X. What am I missing? Is there a problem with the AD11 Mobo's? Help!
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  1. In the interest of keeping this post alive, I am posting reply. I am also concerned, because I also have a FIC AD11 board and am interested in purchasing the 4200 64mb ddr version of the gf4...hope someone can reply tho this post withh some solutions.........frew
  2. The first you could do is to swap cards with your brother to see how it gets.

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  3. Do you have the latest Via 4-in-1 drivers? This is, of course, assuming that board has a Via chipset.

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  4. My brother-in-law lives out of town, but I do plan on swapping this card into a different similiar system to see if it benchmarks OK there.

    And to the previous question: Yes, I have the update 4in1 drivers. I am also freshly updated in Windows 98 with everything I can find. The score hasn't budged :(

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  5. Maybe it's the drivers... The 40.41s improved scores in 3D Mark a lot.

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  6. Little update. I set my system with a dual boot XP, and tried it in that. I recieved an A.OK mark 85??. So, it must be in my 98 install. Thanx for the help.

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  7. Ok... well at least the perf is up now. Sorry I couldn't help.

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