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ive just formated my 166 and i want to put win 98 onto it insed of the predious win 95, unfortunatly now that ive pulled the format and trying to run 'setup' from dos prompt im getting an error message :
"windows setup requides 'Largest executable program size' to be at least 442368."
im very confused ive surfed the net trying to find out what it is and the most i can find is that it is a deficit in the memory used for running dos based programs and that in order to run the setup i have to increace it. unfortunatly the only results i get say that it has to be fixed in windows and i dont have windows installed and it wont install, so baisicly im screwed if i cant fix this prob please help me!!
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  1. Back to Basics.

    First a few Questions for you.

    Do you have any experience at all in doing this?

    Is the Installation CD a Win98 or Win98SE Genuine Installation Disk?

    Do you have a 3&1/2" Floppy Bootdisk?

    How is your computer setup? IE; 1-Hardrive, 1-CDROM drive, 1-3&1/2" Floppy drive, basic standard> Is this your setup?

    Do you know the size of the hardrive?

    Is this a prioritary computer? IE; Dell, Gateway, HP??? Etc.

    Answer these questions and I'll be glad to walk you through the setup step by step, I've got to go to work right now, but I'll be back online at 6pm EST. I'll check to see if you've responded, I've walked many people through their setups, some people can jump in here and start giving you advice and confuse the heck out of you, its not that they're trying to confuse you its that they're way past your skill level, you can PM me if you want more direct contact.

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  2. yeah ive formated back 2 95 a couple of times and ive done it with xp as well.
    no the is not guenuine as the original is at home and it is a copy of that, dose it make ne diffrence? but i know that it is not the upgrade and thats it is 98SE. i have the cd key.
    i got a boot disk off bootdisks.com
    there are 2 hard disks the primary is 2Gb the slave is 14Gb, one cd rom drive and a floppy.
    yes the computer is a Dell.
  3. Quote:
    ive just formated my 166 and i want to put win 98 onto it

    You said previously you had formated the hardrive, Did you run FDISK and delete the Primary DOS Partition, it probably was FAT16 and it will need to be repartitioned to FAT32 which is what Win98SE runs on.

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