9700 pro keeps crashing

After I installed my ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, Max Payne keeps crashing unless I turn all the settings down and run it at 640x380 resolution. I downloaded the latest 7.7 drivers, and still no improvement. I disable sound, and it still crashes. Does anyone know what might be going on? When I contacted ATI, they just gave me the link to their FAQ, when I contacted talonsoft, they told me to download the latest drivers and that it should work.

My system:
Sony VAIO p4 2.02
512K DDR PC100 RAM
integrated sound
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  1. check your PS
    and do a search for this problem....

    you need a major PS for 9700 P4 combo.

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  2. ATI told me my 300 watt PS would be fine, since I dont have any other perihperials in the computer.
  3. 300W SHOULD be fine, BUT it's really a matter of quality. Did you read Tom's power supply review? There is a lot of garbage on the market.

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  4. Aye, I agree with zpyrd, driver conflicts are most likely as if it was a PSU problem you would see it everywhere not just in games (eg benchmarking, normal app packages etc...)

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  5. I didnt have any other video cards installed on the computer, save for my onboard graphics chip (SIS650). But if I disable the SIS650 in device manager, it actually shuts off the ATI Radeon 9700. So I dont know how else to clear it.. Also, I have installed updated drivers for the 9700 twice, since I didn't uninstall the old drivers, and simply ran the install, will this create problems? I'm afraid if I start deleting everything SIS650 related, my ATI card won't work.

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  6. Did you disable the onboard video in the bios?


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  7. No, there was no option in the BIOS to disable it. I think when I jammed the Radeon 9700 into the AGP slot, the onboard chip disabled itself, because when I boot up a game, it only detects the Radeon.

    When I crash Max Payne, Windows XP logs an error, and tells me it is due to the ATI driver and difficulty drawing an object, or something like that. I have the most updated drivers though, aside from the 6193 which is not microsoft certified.
  8. But you said you seen the onboard still in the device manager? Unless i read that wrong.


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  9. Its not a power supply problem. When I bought 9700 it was crashing in Max Payne too. You need to patch your Max Payne and update drivers for Radeon 9700. Problem will disapear. Good luck.
  10. Yes it shows up on my device manager, but if click disable, it disables the ATI card. Whenever I run a game, it only detects the Radeon.
  11. I patched max payne to 1.05 and run the 6178 drivers. I dont want to run the 6193 drivers since they are not microsoft certified. Do you think the it is a problem that I am non manually uninstalling/deleting the old 6166 drivers first?
  12. Well I'm pretty sure its a good rule of thumb, that when a additional deviece in this case a onboard video adapter is also running with the a expansion card that theirs litterally a conflict of interest there. Pretty sure once you find the onboard video option in the BIOS and disable it there shouldn't be a problem any longer. But thats just my opinion on the situation, there are lots of other variables that could be causeing this crashing. Does the card crash with any other games?


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  13. Well I havent played any other game as thoroughly. Max Payne only crashed on later levels. When I run through the demos of MOHAA, Quake 3, Serious Sam 2, and Comanche 4, it works fine. Old games like Diablo 2 work fine as well. I dont know what I can do about disabling the onboard video option in the BIOS, because there is no option to do that. My CMOS is really limited, I cant adjust aperture size, etc.. or anything at all. The only thing I can do is switch the priorities from PCI/AGP to AGP/PCI, which doesnt appear to make a difference. It's just so frustrating to find myself going out and buying a new computer and adding expensive equipment like this graphics card, and everything becomes a hassle. Update this, uninstall that, BIOS this, device manager that, and on and on and on. I could have bought an Xbox and Max Payne and saved myself a whole lot of trouble, (and money). What if I just format the hard drive, through out the 9700, and install the 4600ti instead?
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