I just bought a geforce 4 MX440 8X with 128mb ddr ram on it. I install it in the unit and the display doesnt work on the regular card or the geforce. I have a savge 3 built into the motherboard and was wondering how to fix this problem. please help
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  1. Describe more of your system specs and your problem...which one does not work, your VGA card or your monitor? It's hard to help you if you are reluctant to give us the info...
  2. I have a p4 1.5 ghz 768mb of ram 40, 20, 10 gb harddrives and 40/12/48cdrw. neither work when i put the card into the slot. and the led that lights up when the system is busy or reading something stays on and the green led turns off.
  3. What's your mother board spec? did you desable the on-board card on bios? did you set primary display adapter to agp slot?
  4. Then what's your mobo specs and your card brand? As far as I know, the GF4 MX440 from Leadtek have some problem with some of the ASUS mobo. What's your PSU power rating? :wink:
  5. specs are:
    p4vmm3 motherboard:
    1.5 ghz processor
    2 pci slots
    1 4X AGP slot
    350 watt power supply
    s3's Savage 4 graphics accel. card w/ 64 mb of ddr
    I have disabled the s3 card in bios and it acts as if there is a ram error when i plug the card into the agp slot ie. no
    video and system halt.

    the card is a pixelview.

    i dont know im totally stumped on this one.
  6. Check your mobo manual and see if there is any IRQ shared beween your PCI and AGP. Could be that your GF4MX cannot share any IRQ with any other component. Take out the PCI card that share the same IRQ. Try to boot again. If not working, then try to enable the S3 in the Bios and at the same time plug in the GF4MX card. Disable the S3 through windows. I remember that I had a problem whereby the internal sound cannot be disabled using bios as the SB live also cannot be initialized, so I need to disable the internal sound card through windows. Set your first VGA initialization in the bios to be AGP as well, else the mobo will boot the PC through your S3.

    If all these are not working, then I'm out of idea. Probably some one else in the forum could help. It could be the compatibility problem of the card with your mobo. :frown:
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