Radeon9700 PRO and Win98 SE?

I've seen someone mention using/going to try using the Radeon 9700 Pro with a Win98 OS. I am currently running on Win98 SE, and *really* have misgivings "upgrading" to a new OS. I don't care for what I've heard about Win ME / 2000 / OR Win XP (Mostly concerned with a bloated OS with XP and it's "service pack 1" or whatever they've managed to come up with this time).

Unfortunately, I've seen some specs of the Radeon 9700 Pro that say it's compatible with only those three versions of Windows (2000/ME/XP). Is this true? Is this reffering only to "official" support, and that the card actually runs fine with 98 SE, but they don't want to help troubleshoot on an older OS?

I'd really like to run this card with my current OS, but I'll probably just bite the bullet if not and go for XP *gulp* - hopefully that Service Pack is optional =/
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  1. ME driver should work fine in 98SE, because ME is a mutant of 98SE.

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  2. I have been running a 9700Pro on 98se for a month or so now, basically you run the ME drivers as there is little to no difference to be found (Crashman is right... ME was only a makeover for 98se & you can download just about anything it can do for 98se)

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  3. Alright! Thank you both, I'm glad I won't have to turn 98 out to pasture just yet ;) One step closer...
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