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I am doing a fresh install of XP Pro SP1a on a newly built system and was wondering if any one had any ideas of the best method to file(where to place) newly installed software i.e. to create a hierachy that makes it easier to find software or uninstall it if need be. If anyone has weblinks to articles addressing this topic, please post them.

When one installs additional software after the install of XP, it generally tries to put the program in "C: Program Files".

After several years, one could have hundreds of files in that folder.

I thought about creating the following hierarchy:

C: ProgramFilesILoaded(this differentiates Programs that are inherent to XP and one I loaded)
C: ProgramFilesILoaded\Hardware(this tells me that the software in this folder is specific to Hardware with my system e.g. a video card. this allows me to know where to delete files if I switch cards)
C: ProgramFilesILoaded\Software\"software title"(this tells me the software that I have loaded that is not associated with hardware.)

C: ProgramFilesILoaded\Software\ Type of software(utility, game, Multimedia,) Would allow me to find the program by the type of program it is.

This hierarchy would allow me to quickly find programs and to verify that an uninstall went well to a point(registry would still need to be verified. Are there any other files that a program may affect?) as there would be no files left in the appropriate subfolder.

What is your input as to my filing methodology and would you make any changes. Thanks for the input.
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  1. Nine times out of ten I'll just let programs install to their default locations. This makes it alot easier in the long run, especially when it comes to installing updates and patches.
  2. quite true. most programs install to the default location. screwed up many times becuase I forgot to change it to F drive.

    Do it however you want. What works for you is what to do.
    To me it sounds like too much work since I know what I have isntalled.
  3. Best thing to do is always make sure extraneous folders / files are removed immediately after uninstalling a program. That way, you keep your Program Files folder nice and neat and up to date; and you delete files you don't need to free up space on the hard drive. If you keep to this, you don't have to worry about having folders / files that you don't know what to do with.

    I think you'll save yourself more headaches in the long run just going with the status quo.

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