What kind of graphic card is a good choice in Dec.

I will spend about $150 on a graphic card in December?I need some suggestion.What about R9500 Pro?
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  1. The 9500Pro would be a good choice if the street price is that low. Right now they are projecting $199 for the Pro. If you can dig up the extra $50 I think it would be worth your money.

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  2. The 9500pro like he said is a good choice. Though it's retailing at $299 I think, just like the 9700pro, it will probably be a little lower. Possibly $225 by December. But even then you would need $75 bucks.

    Who knows? Maybe by then the Ti4600 will drop under $200.

    A safe bet is a Ti4200. By then they will be close to $100. And you will be $50 closer to an NV30 next year. If you're into that sorta thing.
  3. Wrong card. The R9500Pro is retailing $199 not $299. The R9700 will retail $299. You'll probably be able to find the R9500Pro for $150 in some places by Christmas.

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  4. my bad. forgot about that pesky 9700 non-pro.
  5. will NV 30 have a lite version?
  6. Very very likely, if you remeber the GeForce 4´s.

    EDIT: Very very very very very likely.
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  7. The NV30 will definitly have a lite version. To not do so would be financial suicide considering that the largest market is for cards in the sub-$150 dollar range.


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