Looking to buy GF4200 Ti

can anyone recommend the brand


also I am thinking of getting the 128 meg version is there any benefit to that other than future proofing the vid card.?
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  1. i got the same card, by Visiontek, 128MB RAM w/ TV-out.
    $100 from a fellow LAN partyer. in BF1942, UT'03, and such, it beats the [-peep-] outta my old gf3 ti200, tho i'd say it's longevity is about a year at this point, my gf3 lasted me 9 months :-( i really need to save up $500 so when the first of the next HUGE advancement comes out, i get it (and the bragging rights that come with)
  2. I agree with Collective_8472, because I have the same card by the same manufacturer. I got it to replace my ATI Radeon VE and the graphics are incredible! Really smooth for games and movies too. And for the price, it's a great deal. It will be pretty outdated in about a year, but I am sure it will still work well with games for another year or two after that. I have not bought any cards by the manufacturers DerUber listed, but I have heard that Gainward is pretty good. My Visiontek card works really great. Also, the 128MB doesn't do much right now, but in the future, having the extra memory will be beneficial.
  3. I'd go with the Gainwood Powerpack pro ti4200 64mb, great room to o/c with it.

    PNY's ti4200 is also good. With or w/o any overclock.

  4. Asus, MSI, Leadtek, Gainward, and Chaintech are all proven manuf. I wouldn't suggest Visiontek because you won't get much product support out of 'em what with them liquidating assets and all.

    MSI is probably best for OC'ing, if you're in to that kind of thing.

    Good luck.
  5. I've got the Asus 128Mb version and it runs great. No configuration problems or any conflicts!

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