Input not supported can't even get into bios.

Hello I have had win 7 installed for a few weeks now, and today I had 4 BSODs one after another, 10minutes apart, after one of the BSOD's by resolution had gone back to 800x600 (normally 1280x1050 i think)Since then I restored windows and I thought that fixed the problem but when i shut down the pc and went away for a few hours i came back and tried to boot it & it came up with input not supported, I can't even see it booting or get access to the bios at all.......any ideas?

I suspect my videocard is bust what do you guys/gals reckon?

I'm in urgent need of advice as i've just had to type all this from my iphone.
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  1. could be power supply too ? check connections are secure no old video card or psu to try
  2. no i don't have any spares (Damnit)

    Changed the monitor cable to a vga cable and it worked, but that does let me know where the problem is......... could be the card, the monitor or the cable. any ideas?
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