Direct 3D & Radeon 9700 Pro problem! Help!!!

Ahooi peeps,

I really hope some of you experts can help me here. I've got a Radeon 9700 Pro and running WinXp with SP1 (also without it = same) and I seem to have problems with any games using Direct 3D! All D3D games keeps freezing, like Grand Prix 4 (during race), Tiger Woods 2002 (during play) etc. Every Direct 3D game I have! Other games that I run on OpenGL, like Warcraft II works fine. Also Counter-Strike resets my pc every now and then. All other programs and games run fine on my system.

System is:

Gigabyte Ga-8SG667 Motherboard
Intel P4 2.4b GHz, 533 Bus
512 MB DDR333 Ram
Western Digital WD1200JB HD
Gigabyte Maya II Radeon 9700 Pro
Creative Audigy Sound SE Card
Creative Inspire 5300 5.1 Speakers
AOpen 48x12x50 CD-RW
AOpen 16X DVD

Really hope someone can help.


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  1. Check your PSU, it could be that you probably need a high quality one, with at least 350 W, 400 W would be even better. R9700 Pro need a lot of power...
  2. Don't think that can be bro. I've got the Termaltake A5000A case with the Termaltake 420 APD powersupply.

    This thing is now really getting to me :(


  3. Check that you have no devices sharing IRQ's
    and Try disabling ACPI
  4. welcome to the world of ati
  5. I had the Exact problem as well. Here's how my problem was soloved.

    Many here said its a PSU problem, cause I also was having random resets/reboots = Moved up to a 550PSU and same problems ,Not the problem.

    After running the 3D bench test of "3D Mark 2001" It locked up in a certin part of the test demo, then swapping the processor out with a Celron the test ran complete without any lockups/resets. So that was the problem... Bad CPU. I had my Intel 2.5 exchanged for a new one and I have been running solid for 1 month. Quake3 and UT2K3 run like champs w/out any lockups nor reboots.

    Hope this info will help you and you problems.

    PS. Dont even bother calling ATI... There 100% usless and talk to you like your a 3 year old.

    PPS. If thats not the problem... Try updating your MB Bios, and ATI Drivers as well. Start with the MB Bios.
  6. be sure that you have the latest drivers - 6193 uncertified but resolve a slew of direct 3d issues.
  7. Ahooi again, just a note...

    3D Mark 2001 runs fine on my system and so does all games that do NOT use Direct 3D. Warcraft III (with -opengl, without that command line in the shortcut it freezes at the menu) & Quake 3 runs perfectly for hours without any problems. There are no application problems.

    This is real funny, NOT!. Do you think the CPU can be bad only when it comes to Direct 3D games as 3D Mark works fine? I've already just installed Windows XP cleanly, updated all the drivers (WinXP comes with directX 8.1) to the newest and tried the games. Same [-peep-]! :(

    Think I'll install Windows 98se and see what happens, but first I'll grab that unsupported 6193 drivers.

    Thanks for all the help and keep that ideas comming!

  8. mmm... 6193, can't seem to find that. Can you help by pointing out a link for it?


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