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Hi guys, I have a question for y'all. My new monitor (IBM p260 - same as Sony e540) gets a lil fuzzy at the corners, should I be noticing this? Should I use a Digital cable or standard analog, will this cure any problems?

Im kind of worried if the lil blurriness in the corner is due to the deviation in dot pitch in the corners. It's very subtle however.

One more thing, anybody know how to make the SYSTEM fonts all bold. Ive tried every appearance option, but I want my usual system fonts to be bold for easier viewing in 1600x1200. My eyes get fishy staring at the thin fonts. Ive tried Windows Blinds but it doesnt allow me to change the fonts I want to change. Is there something in the registry, any help is appreciated :)
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  1. I don't know about the first half of your question, but for making the fonts bold in the title bar atleast you right click on the desktop go to, Appearance, and Advanced. Under that the pop down menu will allow you to choose what object you want to modify, and the ones with fonts you can set the fonts to bold. This is in Windows XP, but the proceedure should be very similar in 98 or ME. Except with 98 or ME you shouldn't need to click on an advanced button, that is if my memory servers me correctly.

    In a world without <font color=red>walls </font color=red>or <font color=green>fences </font color=green>, what use have we for <font color=red>Windows </font color=red>or <font color=green>Gates.</font color=green>
  2. Yah, im using WinXp, I appreciate the post, but I already knew that, im not looking to change "those" fonts. Im talking fonts like the ones used for desktop Icons, or for file names in the lists. I wanna make em all bold, but theres nowhere in "advanced appearance" to do that
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