Geforce4 TI 4200 or ATI 9000 PRO

I'm wanting to upgrade the family computer from it's 1.4Ghz (P4), 128MB RAMBUS, 32MB TNT2 form to a 1.4Ghz, 384MB, 128MB Video (ATI 9000 Pro or Geforce4 TI 4200).

I have to get a new case, the current PS is only 240Watts and Gateway has the case designed so it will only take PS's that are very small (it's a midtower case).

Any recommendations? (sorry for the lousy spelling).
I want to do it for $340< on parts, I figure a good case with a 350W PS would run my $40-$60, and 256MB 800Mhz Rambus will run me around $100, and a new heatsink/fan combo with a rear fan should total around $40, so I'd have $100-$140 for a graphics card.

I have a 17' EV700 CRT if that helps.

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  1. There´s no question about it, the GeForce.

    Oh, and you don´t have to upgrade the whole case if you don´t feel like it, just get a new power-suply.

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  2. I agree with Ghostdog. You will get much better performance out of a Ti4200 and you can get it for under $130.00. Go to
  3. The GeForce is the only option in your situation.

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  4. Another vote for GeForce4 Ti4200

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  5. You can't go wrong with a Ti4200.

    From your post it looks like you are keeping your processor, adding ram, and changing the video card and that's it. That will add a few watts to your system but not a lot so if you are stable now there is always a chance that the new config will run on the existing power supply. No reason not to get the memory and video card and see if it runs. At the first lock up I would assume you need a bigger psu, but why not try it out.

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  6. I agree,id go for a ti4200

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  7. If you live in Canada... (they may ship to the US as well)

    Future Shop has Retail ATI 8500LE 128mb cards for CDN$170 (US$100) 'til Nov 5th.

    I picked one up yesterday - default clock is 250/250 ("full" 8500 is 275/275) - mine looped 3Dmark2001 all night @ 315/305!

    - JW
  8. Ah the amount of Crap Canada has!

    Hmm I didn't even know we had Best Buy in Canada, thought that was a US place.

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  9. IIRC didn't Best Buy take over FutureShop? I just have a somewhat comical thing to share.

    I was recently at Futureshop, and they had a few special HP comps. They were marked for people who are very into graphics.... And yes, the video card was a GF4 MX420....

    And it's annoying to see this:

    Quite a nice system with a 2.53GHz, 512MB DDR, 80GB HDD and such, and then the video is the <i>awesome</i> INTEL EXTREME GRAPHICS!!!! w00t!

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  10. As I said, didn' Best *crap* buy out FS?

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  11. Yup right <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. It's odd that Best Buy would open up stores right near FS though. Isn't that kinda competing against themself?

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  12. LOL... yeah, well if Best Buy had of came into the Canadian market to compete, you can be pretty sure who would've lost...

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  13. I was told 240Watts was to little.

    Here's my current items I'm considering.

    Albatron Geforce4 TI 4200 128MB DDR
    256MB (2-128MB) Corsair Rambus 800mhz (I'm not sure if I need ECC or Non-ecc. when I boot into the BIOS it says the RAM Configuration is NON-ECC. Is this accurate usually?)
    Rear slot fan

    I figure for a new case I'll add in a Just for PC Midtower w-350W PS, and a front fan.

    I also need a new heatsink, the current one makes tons of noise anymore.

    Do you think I need a new PS? I know it's up to me, but if I can avoid swapping out the motherboard I'll be one happy camper.

    Oh, I know my motherboard has an AGP 2X slot. The Geforce4 TI 4200 is compatible with 2X though, right.

    who uses Best Buy or Radio Shack for anything but seeing how much the prices have been inflated?
  14. Yes 240w IS too little. No one would recommend 240W for your system. But if you knew how many user have replaced their 450W brand x with a 300w brand y and it solved their problems, (where x and y are interchangeably antex and enermax or any other brand!) you would realize that you just might have a honey on your hands right now.

    You never know. Based on the amount of wattage you are adding, I say give it a try. Might save you a mobo and a psu. Just be patient because as in building any system you may encounter unforseen problems, one of which is always power.

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    John A
  15. you mean get the new case w-PS or just use the current one and see if it runs OK?

    I've heard some bad things about some PS makers, I think I read on this site about some 550Watter actually being about 446Watts. I definately don't need that much power, but I figured I needed a minimum of 300Watts.
  16. I'm suggesting that you see if the current case+psu will do the job. When you've got a stable system and you do nothing but add some ram and switch video cards there is a decent chance that your current psu will do the job. But if the new ram + videocard shows any instability, the odds are good that it is the fault of that old psu.

    John A
  17. I'd just get the card and some extra memory. BTW, a lot of Gateway cases had extra holes for mounting the full sized power supply, but the power plug would end up can always cut a notch in the case there.

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  18. Geforce4 TI4200 has AGP 4x, and ATI 9000PRO has AGP 8x, to your experiments the TI 4200 is still better than?
  19. Yes, it is. AGP8x makes no difference in performance on modern cards.

    By the way, another vote for Ti 4200 in general, they own, I have one, they outperform Radeon9000 by a lot for similar prices.

  20. Similar price? I picked up a raedon9000pro for 9800yen, cheapest geforceti4200 i've seen is 18000 yen. Guess it depends where you live.

    EDIT: Thats 80 us dollar versus 147 us dollar. I'll take the raedon thanks ;)<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by bjon045 on 11/06/02 01:27 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  21. But price isn´t everything, not if you play a lot of games.

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  22. On the 128MB models are $34 apart.

    Not cheap change, but not alot either.
    If I had a faster CPU I would opt for the Geforce4 TI 4400.

    oh, 8X AGP doesn't matter since my motherboard has a 2X slot, and no games use the 2.1GB ps bandwith anyway. Maybe in the future, right now it's nothing more than a technology appeal.
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