Hardware conflict?

I have an ASUS motherboard, new, A7N266-VM. And new PNY Geforce4 TI4200 64mb. According to device manager, the sound card and the agp card are using the same interrrupt.
I am having problems I think, because of this. Stuttering graphics and sound. I tried using safe mode in WIN98SE to change to an unused IRQ to no avail. Would not boot.

How can I get the graphics card to work on another IRQ? I don't know how to set up bios because it does not have that option, at least listed in manual.

ANY help would be appreciated.
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  1. Use device manager and/or system bios to disable anything you don't need to free up irq's. My bios lets me deselect things like a second floppy, usb keyboard, etc.

    I would not try to change the video card irq. Do it to the sound card instead. I vaguely remember something about video cards needing a certain irq. Could be my imagination.

    Moving the sound card to a different pci slot might fix the problem easier than anything else.

    And an irq conflict may not be your problem. Irq's are often shared. Not sure if if a video card and a sound card are supposed to share one though. On my system the sound cards shares an irq with a lot of stuff but the video card is by itself (irq5)

    John A
  2. It may be a bit more difficult to move the sound card's IRQ, since the sound card uses 2 irq's.

    Moving the sound card to another PCI slot may fix the problem.

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  3. OK... This is what you need to do...

    1. remove ALL sound card drivers.
    2. shut down the computer.
    3. remove sound card.
    4. turn computer back on, let it boot up into windows
    5. shut computer down
    6. reinstall sound card (it is better to put in another slot if you can)
    7. reinstall drivers.

    Good luck. I hope this helps.

    Hang in there. It can only get better!
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