pci card video on a agp board

Would I be able to use my old TNT2 PCI card on a newer mobo that has a AGP slot? I mean NOT the PCI IN the agp slot rather in a PCI slot. =/
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  1. yep !

    unfortunatly i had to do so, since i cannot seem to work my AGP card ....
  2. You shouldn't have any trouble with that. You will probably have to go into the BIOS and set the video device to PCI instead of AGP, as AGP is probably the default.

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  3. Won't be a problem but you won't get much performance out of it. Try to find a cheap GF3 on e-bay or a GF2 Ultra/Ti/GTS to replace that PCI card.

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  4. If ya don't use the computer for 3D gaming, there is no need to replace your current graphics card.

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