Confused: (ATI Radeon 9700pro and motherboards)

I just recently bought a ATI Radeon 9700pro and looked inside the manual before installing it. It says that for non-intel chipsets, you will have to install a VGART driver for VIA, or else windows may not run properly, like fail to recognize the agp memory. I was able to install the drivers before placing the card, but now, I just bought a new gigabyte 7vraxp, and wonder how I will install the drivers. Would I have to go under safe mode and download it from there? (How do you under safe mode again?)

About flash bios, I am quite unsure what its use is really. You can still just update the bios without having to do all that correct?

And about thermal pasting, what would be the proper way if there was thermal tape on the CPU? I heard that thermal paste (silver artic III) is much more efficient than tape. Thanks to all, if there are anything else that would be useful please say! :)
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  1. Since you hadn´t had any replies I guess I´m obligated to help. You came out just a bit unclear. Let´s clarify: You bought a new mobo and wan´t to install it and your Radeon.
    Format your hard-drive (you might not need to do this but it is recomended), install the motherborad and the rest of the hard-drive. Start up your computer with a start-disc (remember to make one) and select something like CD_ROM-support. Put in your Windows CD and install Windows. Then finally, in windows, install all the drivers.

    [-peep-] things up when flashing the BIOS will destroy the BIOS and you will have to send it for repair to the manufacturer. Don´t do it unless you need to.

    Thermal compound is better then most thermal-tape, but if the card runs fine and you´re a bit unsure about how to change the stuff, let it be.
    Here´s a link though <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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