lockups - GF2-GTS

AMD TB 1.2Mhz
Shuttle AK31 (onboard sound)
256MB Nanya DDR PC2100
Geforce2 GTS
Maxtor 40GB HDD
Linksys NIC
Win2k SP3

I have a 300W PS that I used in my older system which didn't lock up. I really only play Half-Life mods and Diablo 2. While playing my comp will completely freeze. If I alt+ctl+del the game is not listed in Task Manager and I get a blank white background. At this point I have to cold boot. I've had this card for several months but it's only been doing this for the last month or so. It seems to happen randomly. It could lock up after playing for 2 minutes or i can play 2 hours with out a problem. My system temps are stable, and I even tried leaving the case open just in case. Anyone else having problems like this with GTS cards?
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  1. I've seen that problem. It was caused by overheating. Make sure your card is clean and the fan is working well.

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  2. Crash is right. Check the fan.. Also you may want to download MBM5, have it keep a log. Check the voltage reading in the log after you boot up after a crash. 300w PS may not be quite enough.

    Hang in there. It can only get better!
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