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i recently bought a lenovo u450p laptop/netbook. although it i great, it had a problem. it has 4 gig's RAM but came with 32 bit windows. kinda a waste since i bought it for the 4 gig's RAM. but after some research i found out a license will work for 32 and 64 bit. ah, i thought, i will get the file's do a clean install, type the key and all would be good. not. i installed 64 bit, fresh, but now it keeps telling me that 'the key i typed is invalid for the action' i have already tried a lot but nothing seems to work

*i deleted old windows file's
*i installed all updates
*i disabled AVG firewall
and so on

anyone suggestions? am i doing something wrong?

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  1. Well, Is your 64 bit pirated?

    Most likely your key is oem, and you pirated retail.

    Oem key wont work for retail.

    Now either use your legit 32bit, or go buy legit 64bit.
  2. there is no such thing as pirated file's. license's are pirated, file's aren't, they are legal to download and use(well, that is what i was told, and read on multiple forums). they were distributed by Microsoft, once, and passed on to other site's.
    anyway, if OEM license's won't work for retail, then i guess that is the problem... never imagined that OEM file's were different from retail :pfff:

    thanks, i will try to find OEM file's

  3. Note that you will almost certainly want to use a Lenovo OEM disk rather than just any OEM disk. And don't bother with downloadable ones that you find on torrents - Microsoft blocked the keys for these Lenovo OEM images a long time ago.

    Anyway, if your 32-bit Windows 7 has already being activated then I wouldn't count on your being able to now use that key to activate a 64-bit installation. Microsoft have already recorded that key as being associated with a 32-bit installation. If it was a retail version you'd be OK, but OEM is limited to (essentially) one-time installation and possible re-installation of that original setup.
  4. hmm, sounds like this is not going to work :( i think i will restore it to 32 bit, maybe leave it like that, or maybe an upgrade CD from lenovo. thanks all for your thoughts.
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