ATI Radeon 9700 AGP 8X

I bought this video card, but i also bought a motherboard with AGP4X only. Only now i noticed. Will i loose a lot of performance?
How stupid was i?
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  1. unlikely to notice much diff, onyl really shows if you play games at low resolutions (ie 800x600 & lower)... a couple of fps lower at most or mebbie 300 3dmarks... somebody out there may have tested this... but the diff is marginal at best when U run 1024x768 & higher...

    dont worry about it, you can alway buy a new board with 8x AGP if you think it is actually worth it... i dont think it is...

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  2. You won't loose any performance, and you were probably very smart to do it as many AGP8x BOARDS are having stability problems.

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  3. I really doubt he´ll loose 300 3D marks. Maybe one or two, but you won´t feel a difference in "real-life".

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