Need some Trapassin advice with Norm Duriel

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Hey all,

My Trapassin's at lvl 22 with complete Angelic, Bloodfist, Treads of Cthon,
Tarnhelm, 18% Nagel on the other finger, Stormguild, and Snakecord.

My A2 Def merc is lvl 18 and has Coif of Glory, Darkglow and Razortine.

With complete Angelic and Tarnhelm I have a nice +2 to skills boost, but
even that doesn't seem to help much. Duriel dusts my merc pretty quickly.
My shadow lasts a little longer, but by the time she goes his life bar is
only down about 10-15% with me helping.

Do I need to lvl to 24 (for LS and WOF traps)or should I just make a bunch
of trips to town and back to wear him down?

This is SP BTW, and I have access to most uniques with ATMA, so if I just
need a gear change I'd love to hear suggestions!

Dave S.
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Melee him to death! Cold resists and life are very useful against
    Duriel. Drink a thawing potion before the fight, or boost CR some
    other way. Load up socketted armour with good quality rubies for more
    life. Hsarus' Belt is good for +life and +CR. Remember to keep
    casting the shadow and keep stabbing away.

    Untested - maybe a slower Duriel might be easier to manage. Try
    cleglaws gloves.

    You are on players-1 aren't you? Maybe you didn't remember to switch
    back from players-8 in the tomb (I made a similar mistake myself

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