Geforce3 Ti200 64 or Geforce4 Ti4200 64????

What would you pick???
Robanton Geforce3 Ti200 64MB....check out at
Dell Dimensions Geforce4 Ti4200 64MB
I have the opportunity to trade my Geforce3 for the Dell Geforce4! What should I do? Does anybody know about reviews on either one? Which one will be better for overclocking? Any input would be great!!!
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  1. Trade for the GF4. It is better.

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  2. The GF4 Ti4200 will be almost twice as fast for gaming. It is DEFINATELY worth it.

  3. the gf4 will be faster in general, and will be so much better if you want to use FSAA.

    I would go with the gf4 personally. Hell, I already did. I had a gf3ti200 (clocked at ti500 speeds) and upgraded to a ti4200 and was very happy.

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  4. Finding reviews is as easy as clicking the Graphics guide-link.

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  5. I used to run a Visiontek GF3 Ti 200 and I'm happy with my upgrade.

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  6. If the trade is for free or a minimal cost, I'd go for it.

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