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I'm not to sure what the big difference between the 9700 128MB Pro and 9000 128MB Pro is. As I compared the two one had a lot more information about the other, so I'm not seeing big difference. If someone could explain the difference between the two I would appreciate it. From what I saw was that the 9700 had a some tv in/out stuff. I just usually play games so I don't really want to pay $200 more for stuff that I don't need. Thanks for your help.
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  1. The difference is VERY BIG. 9700Pro supports DirectX9 and blows away the Ti4600. The 9000Pro supports DirectX8.1 and is slower than Ti4200... According to me, the RADEON 9000Pro is also a good choise for games, but if you have enough money... buy the 9700Pro.
  2. The 9700 is about twice as fast as the 9000 in games.

    Also, if you dont want to spend the money on the 9700 the 8500 is bit better then the 9000 and cheaper.
  3. The difference is that they use completly different chips! Did you compare the cards by simply looking at the backpanel? The 9700Pro is over twice as fast as the 9000. And even though they´re almost the same cards, the 8500 can be considerd a better buy then the 9000.

    Trust me. The difference between these two cards is huge. Get a Radeon 9700Pro, very future proof.
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