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sometime ago somebody posted an area chart with monster lvl.
i'm asking if anybody still has it to repost it. i forgot to copy it.
need it for my merc lvling.
thnx in advance
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    zekopeko wrote:
    > hi
    > sometime ago somebody posted an area chart with monster lvl.
    > i'm asking if anybody still has it to repost it. i forgot to copy it.
    > need it for my merc lvling.
    > thnx in advance

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    Subject: Area Levels Listing - Reordered By Area
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    I took a moment and changed the listing to reflect how Blizzard orders
    the maps. Hope I got act 5 right (I only have "Classic").

    ACT 1

    1_________36__________67______­__Blood Moor
    1_________36__________79______­__Den of Evil
    2_________36__________68______­__Cold Plains
    2_________36__________77______­__Cave Level 1
    2_________37__________78______­__Cave Level 2
    3_________36__________80______­__Burial Grounds
    4_________37__________68______­__Stony Field
    4_________37__________69______­__Underground Passage Level 1
    4_________38__________83______­__Underground Passage Level 2
    5_________38__________68______­__Dark Wood
    6_________38__________69______­__Black Marsh
    5_________38__________80______­__Hole Level 1
    5_________39__________81______­__Hole Level 2
    7_________38__________75______­__Tower Cellar Level 1
    7_________39__________76______­__Tower Cellar Level 2
    7_________40__________77______­__Tower Cellar Level 3
    7_________41__________78______­__Tower Cellar Level 4
    7_________42__________79______­__Tower Cellar Level 5
    8_________39__________69______­__Tamoe Highland
    7_________39__________85______­__Pit Level 1
    7_________40__________85______­__Pit Level 2
    8_________40__________70______­__Monastery Gate
    9_________40__________70______­__Outer Cloister
    10________41__________71______­__Jail Level 1
    10________41__________71______­__Jail Level 2
    10________41__________71______­__Jail Level 3
    10________41__________72______­__Inner Cloister
    11________42__________72______­__Catacombs Level 1
    11________42__________73______­__Catacombs Level 2
    12________43__________73______­__Catacombs Level 3
    12________43__________73______­__Catacombs Level 4

    ACT 2

    13________43__________74______­__Sewers Level 1
    13________43__________74______­__Sewers Level 2
    14________44__________75______­__Sewers Level 3
    14________43__________75______­__Rocky Waste
    12________44__________78______­__Stony Tomb Level 1
    12________44__________79______­__Stony Tomb Level 2
    15________44__________76______­__Dry Hills
    12________44__________79______­__Halls of the Dead Level 1
    13________45__________81______­__Halls of the Dead Level 2
    13________45__________82______­__Halls of the Dead Level 3
    16________45__________76______­__Far Oasis
    17________45__________84______­__Maggot Lair Level 1
    17________45__________84______­__Maggot Lair Level 2
    17________46__________85______­__Maggot Lair Level 3
    17________46__________77______­__Lost City
    17________46__________85______­__Ancient Tunnels
    18________46__________77______­__Valley of Snakes
    14________47__________82______­__Claw Viper Temple Level 1
    14________47__________83______­__Claw Viper Temple Level 2
    13________47__________78______­__Harem Level 2
    13________47__________78______­__Palace Cellar Level 1
    13________47__________78______­__Palace Cellar Level 2
    13________48__________78______­__Palace Cellar Level 3
    14________48__________79______­__Arcane Sanctuary
    16________48__________79______­__Canyon of the Magi
    17________49__________80______­__Tal Rasha's Tomb
    17________49__________80______­__Tal Rasha's Chamber (Duriel's Lair)

    ACT 3

    21________49__________79______­__Spider Forest
    21________50__________79______­__Aracnid Lair
    21________50__________79______­__Spider Cavern
    21________50__________80______­__Great Marsh
    22________50__________80______­__Flayer Jungle
    21________51__________80______­__Swampy Pit Level 1
    21________51__________81______­__Swampy Pit Level 2
    21________51__________82______­__Swampy Pit Level 3
    22________51__________81______­__Flayer Dungeon Level 1
    22________51__________82______­__Flayer Dungeon Level 2
    22________51__________83______­__Flayer Dungeon Level 3
    22________52__________80______­__Lower Kurast
    22________52__________81______­__Kurast Bazaar
    23________53__________84______­__Disused Fane
    23________53__________84______­__Ruined Temple
    23________52__________84______­__Sewers Level 1
    24________53__________85______­__Sewers Level 2
    23________52__________81______­__Upper Kurast
    24________54__________85______­__Forgotten Temple
    23________53__________84______­__Forgotten Reliquary
    24________53__________81______­__Kurast Causeway
    24________54__________85______­__Disused Reliquary
    24________54__________85______­__Ruined Fane
    25________55__________83______­__Durance of Hate Level 1
    25________55__________83______­__Durance of Hate Level 2
    25________55__________83______­__Durance of Hate Level 3

    ACT 4

    26________56__________82______­__Outer Steppes
    26________56__________83______­__Plains of Despair
    27________57__________84______­__City of the Damned
    27________57__________85______­__River of Flame
    28________58__________85______­__Chaos Sanctuary

    Secret Cow Level

    28________64__________81______­__Moo Moo Farm

    ACT 5

    24________58__________80______­__Bloody Foothills
    25________59__________81______­__Frigid Highlands
    26________60__________81______­__Arreat Plateau
    39________61__________82______­__Pit of Acheron
    29________61__________82______­__Crystal Passage
    29________61__________83______­__Frozen River
    32________63__________83______­__Nihlathaks Temple
    33________63__________83______­__Halls of Anguish
    34________64__________84______­__Halls of Pain
    36________64__________84______­__Halls of Vaught
    29________61__________83______­__Glacial Trail
    29________61__________84______­__Drifter Cavern
    27________60__________81______­__Frozen Tundra
    39________62__________83______­__Infernal Pit
    29________62__________82______­__Ancients' Way
    29________62__________83______­__Icy Cellar
    37________68__________87______­__Arreat Summit
    39________65__________85______­__The Worldstone Keep Level 1
    40________65__________85______­__The Worldstone Keep Level 2
    42________66__________85______­__The Worldstone Keep Level 3
    43________66__________85______­__Throne of Destruction
    43________66__________85______­__The Worldstone Chamber
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    "zekopeko" <> wrote in message
    > hi
    > sometime ago somebody posted an area chart with monster lvl.
    > i'm asking if anybody still has it to repost it. i forgot to copy it.
    > need it for my merc lvling.
    > thnx in advance

    If you are playing 1.11, there is no need for merc lvling anymore, they gain
    exp much faster now. With my enchantress, her merc lvls up about 2 monsters
    behind the enchantress.

    Along with being able to rebuy mercs very near your lvl, just an area or so
    of normal questing will bring them up to your lvl.
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    If you happen to play with v1.11, you don't need this procedure anymore.
    You can now always hire mercs with a level between -1 and -5 below your

    "zekopeko" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    > hi
    > sometime ago somebody posted an area chart with monster lvl.
    > i'm asking if anybody still has it to repost it. i forgot to copy it.
    > need it for my merc lvling.
    > thnx in advance
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