Monitor gets "no signal" with Radeon8500

I have the Gigabyte AP128DG-H (Radeon8500) installed in my P3 800 system. Win XP Pro is installed. Sometimes when I start up, my monitor says "no signal" right before I should get the logon screen of Win XP. Normally, my monitor "clicks" and I get the logon screen, but sometimes it "clicks" and says "no signal".

What could be the causes? And what are the solutions?


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  1. sounds like its setting the refresh rate too high for the monitor, try going into vga mode and dropping the settings.

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  2. But he doesn't do it always. If I restart after getting the "no signal" message, Win XP gives a few boot choices and if I choose to start Win XP normally, everything goes fine.
    If the refresh rate would be to high, I should always get the message... not?


  3. How long have you had that configuration? Maybe your R8500 is dying or worse the motherboard...Do you get the error at the same scene or does it do it at different times before booting completely to WinXP?

    And yes if the refresh rate is too high and your monitor cannot run in that mode it would usually give an error stating that the frequency is too high.
  4. If you installed the latest Catalyst drivers. Try the drivers that came with your card.
    I tried installing the latest Catalyst drivers with my 8500LE recently and I got no signal from the monitor. It ran fine with the drivers that came on the installation CD.

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  5. I have the configuration for 4 months. And it's always at the same scene my monitor blacks out and gives the message.

    I have been thinking and could it be that my power supply is to weak for my configuration? I checked it and it's only a 230W supply.


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