LCD guide is to old!!! please help!

Hi everyone!

What LCD screen is the best?
I know that iiyama and viewsonic have some of the leading products concerning LCD screens. It seems like the choice is between Viewsonic's VX800 (or 700) and iiyamas AS4332UT.
The price is nearly the same, but i'm sure the qualily is not.

So please help me on this, the LCD marked is really confusing at the moment.

All the best, Carl Emil Carlsen, Denmark, Copenhagen
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  1. Umm, sorry...don´t know much about LCD´s, only good thing
    with this post is that I increased my post count by 1.

    Tips, lägg denna post i 'rätt' forum så kanske du får mer svar :)

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  2. Hey ive got the iiyama AS4315UT, its the same size as the 4332 but has less features. I love it, no dead pixels and the screen that is made by samsung is great.
  3. Search the old posts in Flat Panels section which might give you some ideas on this subject. Personally, I think EIZO makes the best LCD monitors.
  4. lcd panels suk! get a cheaper and better crt!

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  6. What will you be using it for? As you know, viewing angle should be at least 160º vertical and horizontal, contrast preferably 400:1 or better (u cna get up to 600:1 I beleive), and brightness not high, maybe 220-230 (I guarantee u'll turn it down a lot). One of the very important factors though is response time, and the monitors u mention have 25ms response time, using MVA technology. No no for games, movies, or stuff like that. Though it's got a nice 25ms response time, allowing for 40fps to be displayed clearly, that's only if u have 100% white or 100%black- switching to an intermediary color, say 50% gray yields a much higher response time....up to 54ms one way!! So, if for gaming and all, I suggest waiting for FFD- we'll start seeing lcd's with it within the next few months (real soon- for example Envision is releasing one within the next month or so). In addition, there is currently LCD w/ 16ms response time from Hitachi, and one from Viewsonic I beleive, though it's got crap 140º viewing angles. IMO, wait a bit so u can get a 16ms FFD LCD w/ 170º viewing angle and nice contrast and brightness.

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  7. I have the similar problem selecting LCD myself couples of weeks ago. I tried several LCD including

    1) Mitsubishi 15" LCD with swivel bases (both horizontal and vertical)
    2) NEC 17" LCD without the speaker built-in
    3) New Mitsubishi 18.1" (I forgot the model number) but it is just released like 3-4 weeks ago (available at BestBuy web site, just do a simple search. It is about $800 I believe).
    4) Cornea 17" MPxxx with nice base and thin design

    I don't do much gaming anymore and I'm more interested in the color/saturation + clearness of the LCD more. I like the 18.1" Mitsubishi a lot. It is a lot better than the older model (also 18.1") and the OSD menu is much better designed and more intuitive. However, it is too expensive (at $800 at the time, it is just too much).

    I got two NEC 17" for about $549 (before tax) at a local microcenter but they both have dead pixel so I have to return them both.

    I finally end up with the Cornea MPxxx (17"). It reponse time is quite bad on the paper but it is ok in real life IMO. I played the Morrowind and NWN on it and it look fine to me. It is highly depending on your eyes tough so I would be cautious. IMO, the cornea design is very nice (better than the NEC design). The Mitsubishi is the nicest one since it is thin (for an 18" LCD). The 15" Mitsubishi is not bad. The monitor is actually the best among all of them but that may be because it is 15" so it is easier to get higher brightness and contrast in general. I found that 15" is too small however so I returned it and buy the cornea.

    BTW, beware of the Dell 20" LCD. I saw a model at my university computer store and the LCD is horrible. The response time might be fine but the LCD color is just plain bad. The white is not white on the LCD and it is very grainy (even grainier than some of the laptop LCD I've seen). I would not pay $1200 for the 20" Dell LCD for sure just because of the bad color alone. Not to mention, the LCD is hugh, not that it is not a good thing but I have limited space on my desk =)


    Add: BTW, I only looked for a black LCD so all of them I mention have black bezels instead of normal white or biege color.

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