VIVO Problem with Leadtek GF4

I have the GF4 Ti 4200 128Mb Vivo card. It's great for games. I've also used it to view DVDs and VHS tapes on my computer. One problem I've encountered is when I record VHS tapes, some will have a White Bar in the middle of the screen when I play them back (It records them that way for some reason). It does this no matter what codec I use. I've contacted Leadtek and we confirmed that I have all the latest drivers etc.. They've sent me an RMA request form but I still don't think there's anything wrong hardware wise.
I can input and view any and all videos which means that the input on the card works. It's only when I record certain VHS tapes (no probs with DVDs) that I encounter a problem. I say it's software related. I use both the bundled MY Vivo and MGI software suites (they both do it).

What do you guys think????

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  1. Problem fixed. I found the solution here: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    Had to instal WDM1.08 driver instead of the ones supplied (on the cd and their website) by Leadtek.

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