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Are we all going to be screwed?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
November 16, 2002 8:16:41 PM

Lets assume they release DoomIII in May of 2003, maybe end of June. Are we all screwed? Has anyone released an official idea of what the hardware requirements are going to most likely be? I know that the alpha/beta is killing all current machines, and I've heard that the game is going to require over 90MB of video memory, but is there anything official?

Since I'm upgrading in Decemeber I don't want my card obsolute by the Doom III engine in 6 months.

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November 17, 2002 1:36:18 AM

It wouldn't be a very smart business decision for the makers of Doom 3 to be so elitist. I'm sure they will tweak the engine to allow playable framerates for those of us with less than beastly machines.

I'm sure the demo that was leaked and spread onto THG(shame on them, :wink: ) wasn't optimized for low-end video cards/systems either. I believe it was demoed(<---huh?) with a 2.53mhz P4, something like 3gb of memory, and a 9700Pro. I'm sure we will be allowed to play catch up in order to get the most out of the game as long as they don't jump up the release date.

I hope.
November 17, 2002 2:50:24 AM

my p-4 2.0a with a radeon 8500 cat 2.4 drivers and 512 ddr 333 can only do like 20 to 30 fps with this game and like 5 fps when the action gets intense I agree that it will be optimized for lower end rigs too as this is the way doom 2 made ID an absolute obscene amount of money .. everyone could play it

(I'm ahead of you now dhlucke lol :evil:  )

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November 17, 2002 2:57:13 AM

The Alpha release, as any professional graphics programmer would tell you, is an alpha!
It is not optimized for anything, was LEAKED and MODIFIED by hackers or the leakers, is not even compiled like it should be (since you got to extract files and create their location), and more.

From what I gather, this is far from representing the final version. Expect Doom III to perform better, much better.

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November 17, 2002 2:57:39 AM

Since when is there intensive action in the game lol, there's rarely more than one enemy on your screen!

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November 17, 2002 3:32:42 AM

It'll be'd be suicide, regardless of how much influence Carmack has, to release a game no one can play. BTW, my rig (1.2Ghz T-Bird, Quadro DCC, 512DDR) pulls pretty decent frames at around 30-40fps. It'll be much more optimized.

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November 17, 2002 9:29:04 AM

hmmm I have seen 3 at least at a time in the 1st map the slow down comes when they are really close to you

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