Best laptop for just reading?

I need to get a laptop (thinkpad, notebook, something) that I can use to access the internet anywhere.

The thing is, I need it only for reading text (no email, games, etc.), so I'm looking for something without bells and whispers.

I had an eBook a few years ago, but that turned out to be a waste of $300 (difficult to hold, poor screen, too many typos when articles were downloaded).

Any suggestions?

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  1. Typos? That's odd. I think it was just a software thingy and not the notebook's fault.

    Anyway how much have you got to spend? If you have the money then I recommend the Fujitsu S7010. 14" screen while weighing abt 2 kgs. I tried it and loved it. Too bad I cant afford it :(

    I've noticed that Compaqs generally have bright and easy to read screens too.

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  2. In a few weeks, about August 14th, Dell will release the new ultra portable system, called the Inspiron 700m. It will have a wide 12in screen, won't have "bells and whistles" per say, very basic... neat thing is that it will have a shiny reflective screen. The coating will allow for clearer picture and video playback. It will also use a WUXGA display (Wide-Format Ultra Extended Graphics Array)... that's just a big term for very crisp, clear, picture by itself, the wide is due to the fact that it's wider horizontialy than verticly, so it's more rectangular in shape. If you need something larger, little more heft, maybe an Inspiron 1150? It's very affordable, not very heavy by normal standards 4-5lbs, very basic, and has wireless options with a nice 15in UXGA (Not wide) display.

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  3. So Dell has finally realised the profitability of advertising in THGC

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