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hello . . . mac lovers
i have sony vaio vpceb44en . can we insatll mac os x on sony. if possible please reply me how it is possible . . .?
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  1. There are people who install Os X on non-apple software, but it is illegal and a pain in the butt having to find user-made drivers that are compatible with your hardware
  2. maybe start thinking for linux,why mac os?They are free and friendly to any hardware I have used them.As fightingslu says you might have hardware issues and it is illegal,the second part doesn't matter much for me(I buy it after all if they didn't want to sell it to anyone we should buy the updates with our serial number,so apple c.... just to say we are different:P) but the first is a big pain
  3. I would instead install vmware so you could run Mac OSX virtually. As was said earlier, it's more of a pain than it is most likely worth to you
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