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okay, so I got the sims 2 double deluxe. I installed it into my computer, and as soon as I hit play a thing popped up and said "you dont have the required directX 9.0c" So, i went on microsoft to try to down load it. i downloaded directX to my desktop, and then tryed to play. It did not work. So, I tryed every DirectX 9.0c download I could find on microsoft, and downloaded it to the desktop. i thought i finialy got it, however then i went to play the game and it STILL did not work. so i restarted the computer and tryed it agian. Did not work. I un-installed sims and then reinstalledd sims. did not work. i restarted it again, still no sucess. I feel defeated bc nomatter how much i try to download DirectX 9.0c, it dose not work, even when it dose say that the instilation was sucessful. WHAT DO I DO?!

some 1 please help before I go insane

thank you.
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  1. Please list your system specs.
  2. According to MS web site, Sims2 will run on Windows 7 with no issues. Check on the game support web page to see if there is a fix for the error you are seeing.
  3. im play gta sa he say you dont required directx 9.0......when i download the directx 9.0..i install its....after i install..i play the gta sa again not working any more......i think i wanna crash my computer
  4. Try using the web installer.

    If that doesn't work, get the full installer.

    Both of these should include all versions and updates of directx.
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