Asus A7vx8 and Radeon 8500 problems?

I'm having massive problems... I've just baught this motherboard Thought my Motherboard (a7m266) was going out so i repalced it Due to This flickering None stop So i Replaced it and Same Thing with the a7vx8 I've Shiped the radeon back and Got another one from ati and Same thing Flickers none stop ... I thought it was driver i've Tryed 5 Dif Sets of Drivers Uninstalled All my cards... Formated 2 times and still flickering & Locking up and Spashing Strange Stuff all over my screen

It's Flickering so bad that it Drove me Nuts i sent My Screen back to Make shore it wasnt that Still wasnt that... Iv'e replaced Everthing in the case Except CPU/RAM

I Installed the latest 9.0 DX drivers for the Radeon Just to see what it would do And still nothing ...

It Earther Locks up in games or if i play ANY kinda video or game intro I Lock up or get this Strange Spam all over my screen ... Clean system and everthing too No virus..

Here's wat it looks like

I'm about ready to say screw the ati and Just go with a Geforce 4 I've heard from guy a guy at VIA that He says VIA knows and there not planing on fixing the Glitch soon or something like that


Anyone know of a walk throw or a fix?
If not Geforce 4 TI 4200 128 Tommrow lol

I've got a
Windows XP pro SP1
With DSL
Asus a7vx8 with Everthing
256 Micron 2.1 Ram
AMD 1.333
Radeon 8500 DVI edtion 64
ATi TV wonder
4X DVD rom
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  1. Bump

    Anyone have any idea's???
  2. Anyone know??
  3. You have the AGP drivers installed? It also might be a conflict between the TV wonder and the 3d card. I'm just guessing though.
  4. It's possible for such a problem to exist, it took VIA 1-2 years to fix a compatability problem they had with the MVP3 chipset and the TNT2 (nVidia). And VIA chipsets tend to have problems get lesser or greater depending on 100% of the parts in the system, not just the part with the biggest symptom. I would pull all the other cards and see if the symptoms improve, then add them one by one until you see them get worse, doing this indicates a slot IRQ sharing problem or a driver conflict.

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  5. Ya i've got the latest AGP drivers installed , and VIA i've Rolled back to the one's that came with the cd and Nothing The latest ones i Tured on and ran DXdiag and I've got 3d Textureing yet The ones that come with the cd Doesnt support that.. So i did upgrade and Still having the problem

    I've riped all the cards out right now it's Bare Except for

    Motherboard / CPU / Raden 8500 and Network card I even Took the network card out too and Still Same thing

    Just Flashed the bios with Ver 10 Installed the latest PCI/USB 2.0 bridge Drivers also

    It ran Unreal Tounrey fr about 6 mins "a record for me" and Locked up Solid XP braught up a Window saying Windows Error i couldnt read it because the game turned the screen black But It's Earther Falure to Drivers or SOmething near that :(

    Checked IRQ's and This is wat comes up

    :: Note the ATI TV wonder is out yet it says it's using IRQ"?

    I've tryed everthing to fix this and about ready to go Geforce 4 because VIA doesnt seam like it gives a rats ass and ATI's Support Sucks I've e-mailed them 4 times with 1 reply witch was a Automated one and Didnt help Any

    If u could help it be great saves me 170$ on a Geforce 4 TI 4200

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  6. Is this a trick question?

    Anyway, lockups are usually caused by power or heat. Snow or artifacts are normally caused by heat. Flickering is normally caused from using a 60Hz refresh rate, especially around flourecent lights. The TV-Wonder can cause problems with the IDE controller on the same IRQ. The AGP controller Should be on the same IRQ as the AGP card as far as I know. So these are all the things to check.

    Oh, and there is always the possibility of a driver conflict between the video card and the TV-Wonder.

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  7. nope but it's a pain in my azz :P

    Still working on it .. updated everthig in my box ... Even Want down and replaced Eatch peice that it could of been


    Still nothing

    u think it could be ram releated?

    Ram / CPU are the only 2 i have no replaced!
  8. RAM is a likely culprit for BSOD's, but RAM problems can be caused by power spikes or surges as well as defects in the RAM itself.

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  9. Hmm... did you just install this card? Or has it just failed recently? Did you have any other 3d cards in before you installed this one? Try physically re-setting the RAM, take it out and put it back in. Also how old is you PC? My comp wouldnt even boot to the bios screen one day, I opened it up and found a spot where lots of dust had gathered and cleaned it. Lo and Behold it started up.
  10. Ummm taken the card out many times and let it sit

    It's the card tho i Tryed a radeon 7500 ran perfictly inside my system

    System is brand new Everthing in it was replaced
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