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I have two computers connected through a router/firewall to my cable modem. One is running XP Pro, the other is XP Home. They both work fine when they connect to the internet, but for some reason I can't share files between them, or even ping each other. They are both part of the same "workgroup". The directory I want shared is marked as a share. The software firewall feature is disabled on both machines.

I went through endless microsoft bs help and finally ended up running the network setup wizard. What a mistake that was, it created some network bridges on each machine. I finally got my lan connections unbridged. But the problem still isn't solved and I now have a new problem. The new problem is that on the XP Pro system, whenever I fire up IE, it will prompt me to "connect" or "work offline" the first time I access a web page, and I have to press connect to get past the problem (sometimes have to do that multiple times).

It's got to be possible to do what I want, and it's got to be possible to get IE to come up without the stupid dialog box (it worked fine before I started doing all this bs). Help!
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  1. Yeah I had a similar problem. First thing I would do is disable all that sh@#t that you created in the network wizard. I think they just put that in there to confuse everyone. Did you recieve any setup info or software info with your router? If so look for a privacy blocker and disable it. You probably will lose the connection problem when you undo the damage the microsoft network wizard caused. Try that and post back if you still have any problems.

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  2. My guess is that your router/firewall is blocking the traffic. Try using a plain ethernet hub.

    PS I can only get my networking to work if after using the network setup wizzard, but I have to lie to it to get the results I need. :)

    I had both to lie and say both PCs connect via another PC. :(
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