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A friend of mine is interested in upgrading his 3 year old comp (K6 500 MHz I think he said) with a newer video card. Any suggestions? I don't think upgrading anything else is an option at this time, btw. Thanks for your input.
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  1. What's the initial card that your friend has? And does his board has VGA slot?

    Well, I assume that it has VGA slot anyway. If your friend insisted just to change the graphic card, I'd think that the best is GF4 MX440 or a Radeon9000 non-pro or a Radeon7500 since better cards will be wasted if he put those in his system. Or for even lower budget, get the GF2MX400.
  2. GeForce2 MX400 is the best upgrade for your friend

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  3. I might be able to answer that one since I just bought a card for my ageing Celeron 667 System. I decided to go for Radeon 7500 primarily for:
    1. Only PCI card that I know that offers a dual monitor support
    2. Outstanding DVD playback support
    3. A 32 MB GeForce MX2 card is about 50 $ at Bestbuy while 64 MB 7500 is about 70.
    4. According to people on this forum MX2 is hardly better than onboard graphics.

    I am extremely pleased with the performance except for some text ghosting issue on my new monitor which I am sure is due to some setting issues and someone on this forum would be able to guide me by answering to a seperate posting that I have put up.

    I watched some DVDs today and was able to watch them full screen on a 19" monitor with 1248*1025@85 Hz. Excellent - go for it.
  4. You have to be carefull with some of those systems, as the AGP slot didn't carry enough power to make some cards work. I would suggest a Radeon DDR or a GeForce2 MX as anything greater might not work.

    Of course if he doesn't have an AGP slot, he doesn't have that worry, nor the extra performance of AGP.

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