Problem with Geforce4 TI4200 when playing games

I have recently purchased a Geforce 4 Ti4200 128DDR and am having trouble with it when playing some games, ie Unreal Tournament 2003 and Mafia. About 10-15mins into the game the screen just locks up and I am unable to exit out of the game without restarting the PC. I know its the graphics card as my old Geforce 2 worked fine on both games. I have downloaded the latest drivers from the NVIDIA and Inno3D (the manufacturers), updated the drivers for the VIA m/board chipset and updated the BIOS but non of which has made a difference. I am unsure whether its the card thats faulty or if its my board that is not compatible. If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful.

my system is:

Windows 98 Second Edition
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
512 Mbytes SDRam
Jetway 867AS M/Board with VIAKT-266 Chipset
Pheonix Award BIOS v6.00PG
NVIDIA drivers 40.72
Directx 8.1b


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  1. Sounds like two possibilities.


    Make sure AGP fastwrites is dissabled in the bios.

    I aint signing nothing!!!
  2. I've got Inno3d Ti4200s on two ecs boards (k7vta3 with via kt266a), and it took a while to get them stable but now they rock. I was getting lock ups anytime I ran 3dmark and also during games. Symptoms similar to bad psu and/or overheating but wound up being neither. In each case the lock ups went away after a bios flash to the most recent version. Somehow the installation of the new card had screwed up the bios. If your bios is current I would reflash it anyway. I also set the agp driving value to EA (a bios setting). The Driving Value parameter tells the mobo how much signal strength the video card needs. I suggest changing the driving value first, then flashing the bios if that doesn't work. Setting agp to 2x in the bios is another idea. You will lose a miniscule amount of throughput vs 4x if you do so.

    If your chipset is kt266 and not kt266a you might never get it stable without changing the fsb to 100mhz. That chipset had lots of stability issues at 133mhz. Maybe yours is good though since your problems just started.

    John A
  3. Yip, probably overheating... had the same prob with voodoo 2 once. Mafia works fine on my Sparkle GF4 4200. Might want to reduce the clock / memory speeds, open your case, replace the fan, or just get your card replaced with another make.
  4. I have the same problem with my geforce4 mx 440, via-kt266, dimm-pc133, the system crashs under games and there's nothing i can do, i already set up all possiblities on BIOS, better sell the mother-board and buy a ddr333 chipset :( better
  5. I have a Gainward GeForce 4 Ti4200 Ultra 650. It also gives me problems. My favorite game, Ms Combat Flight Simulator 2 WWII Pacific Theater, either has an occasional interuption in the display or it locks up. When you find your solution, please post a message to me.
  6. You probably already know this but a GeForce 4 MX series card is actually 2 GeForce 2 chips rather than a GeForce 4 chip. They have done their best not to put that information on the box or in the ads for them.
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